head compartment storage--any ideas?

by Christie
(Cincinnati, OH, USA)

We are purchasing a 2004 Cobalt 246 and we have no intentions of using the head, but would like ideas on using it as storage. Just throwing everything in there I do not believe will work. what would work for organizing small items, shelves?--really any ideas are welcome.

We have an Interceptor that has a nice sized glove box--it is where we keep a small first aid kit, flares, maps of the lake, odds-n-ends. The glove box on the Cobalt is basically the stereo--no storage.

The biggest storage area is under the driver's dash. Again, there are no organizational items there just space. I have seen the newer models--the have a strap for the filler cushions to be placed against the wall as well as a mounted mesh bag with elastic at the top.

I am trying to plan for boating season, so any ideas are appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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