having trouble with my Yahmaha 150 2- stroke ( night fishing trip gone bad)

19 6 keywest bayreef with 150.Not sure on the year maybe 04 but.... having trouble starting her.. Always had to choke 3 times, pop it out of neutral and hold key in. This would usually work 90 % of the time. Stalled on me a couple of hours ago after a few seconds getting it started.... Tried a few more times. (probally flooded now) i wait 30 minutes and try again, then one last time in another 30. Nothing so i called it and as I trimmed up the motor. what looked like oil came out the water drains and coated the water...... when i flushed it at home chunks of tar were coming out of prop...... (this is a definite first) Any suggestions what it might be ?????????

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