Frozen impellor pump and lots of rust

We just came back to our boat after 8 months on the hard in St. Lucia. The diesel generator wouldn't turn over even though there was power to it. After some trouble shooting, we narrowed the problem to the starter. We installed our spare starter. The unit tries to start but the belt that goes around the impellor pump keeps slipping off. Swapped belts, same problem. Then we discovered that one of the pulleys that the belt sits on is not turning and is frozen in place.

We are spraying PB Blaster on it every few hours and are hoping it will loosen. Is there some way to free up the shaft so that it can turn again? Can the pump be saved?

The pump is a Jabsco 51510 Series Self Priming Flexible Impeller Pump with a pulley attached.

We had a lot of moisture and mould in the boat and things are rusty.

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