four winns rs 4.3L throttle, neutral switch problem?

by sgw
(saginaw, mi.,usa)

1997 four winns rs 4.3L there is a round button in the middle of the throttle control (allows you to move throttle in fwd, rev or neutral) Usually push button in then give it gas to start motor. However, now when button is pushed - no ignition is made - not even a sound. So only way to try to start is with no gas - just neutral with no opportunity to give the engine higher rpms. Again the engin (if started) gets cut off if button is pushed in. Eventually started with no throttle help in neutral. Once started it worked fine going into fwd or rev. But as soon as we pushed the button to allow us to give it gas in a neutral position - the button killed the engine. Any thoughts/ Is this a neutral switch? I am trying toget this fixed before the 4th of July. Any help is appreciated.

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