Force, 856F7B, 1987

by michael
(Puget Sound)

1987 Force, 85 HP, model # 856F7B

Just bought the boat, motor will start right away, it will idle
idles in neutral OK, but with a slight exhaust backfire, I was on muffs/hose
and when in gear trying to accelerate motor bogs down/stalls.
Motor will start up again, but same thing happens, as soon as I slip it into FWD/REV gear it stalls.
Also We slipped boat into lake and same thing happened....Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Aug 13, 2020
Hope this INFO helps NEW
by: Anonymous

Backfire? Could be to lean of a mixture, check fuel pump diaphragm one small backfire can punchure it.
Check float level,idle air/mix screw S/B set at 1 turn out from lightly seated. Warm motor up and back out till boggs down ,turn in till motor boggs down, set it in middle . Also a rich mixture may cause a backfire and lack of power due to a large amount of gas unexpectedly can cause a big bang. Reed valves Ok, check them could cause same condition

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