Force 120hp 1994 serial number 0E050181

I can not get my tilt or trim pump to raise or lower the outboard.

I originally had a problem with just adjusting the trim. I noticed a screw missing from the trim housing . I took it apart and found the piston to be sticking. I cleaned it up and reinstalled and replaced missing screw. I replaced oil and after struggling finally got it all to work. However now it would lift but slowly the tilt pistons would allow it to drop slowly to the trim piston where it would stay. The tilt pistons had no apparent leaks. I removed tilt and trim motor and disassembled the pump I found no problems. I replaced the tilt and trim MOTOR thinking it was turning backwards under the weight of the outboard. I reassembled everything but now I can not get motor to move up or down. It seems to move very slightly when I attempt to actuate it up down but that is all. I assume I got the little pump reassembled correctly and also have the 2 check balls back in the proper cavities but I can not find any drawings to confirm that.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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