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Your Fishing Buddy is here. Plan it right, buy it right, install it right, operate it right, then maintain it right!

Nothing can ruin a carefully planned trip, expedition and vacation chasing those elusive Bass, Walleye, Trout and your favorite target species or prospective meal than having all the quality fishing gear fall over.

The simple small fishing boat still depends on properly installed fishing equipment, whether it’s river, bay, estuary or offshore, the problems remain the same. Everyone needs a fishing buddy, to help pull in the big fish, or support the statement that “The Big One Got Away!” There is even a fishing buddy fish finder! This fishing buddy will help you with the following helpful and practical information

Reliability depends on very much on good maintenance and careful planning. Plan it right, buy it right, install it right, operate it right, then maintain it right and the problems will be relatively few if any. Thats a fishing buddy view of things!


Getting the most from the your fishfinder including the Fishing Buddy and understanding how it works is clearly explained. How to Find Them - Click here for all you need to know.

How to catch your fish is the subject of many books, website and magazines, and if it were easy we would have nothing to write about, would we? Many liveaboard cruising sail boat folk report they do not catch many, and it is mainly because they do not target the fish type and use the correct rigs. How to Catch Them - Click here for useful information and advice on catching your favorite species using the fishing buddy.


Well winter is here and unless you are a hardy soul that simply goes angling in winter or takes up ice angling then its time to start planning your next vacation. Take an Angling Vacation Plan your next vacation with your fishing buddy.

Click here for all you need to know with some great ideas on your next expedition. All about Sting Rays Want to know about sting rays and how one killed Steve Irwin, read here?


Looking for the right lure is not always easy, so many to choose from and so many manufacturers. Find Lures That Work - Click here for useful information on lures by your fishing buddy.


There are as many ways to cook as there are fish species, and thats the best part. Do you want some good ideas on cooking your seafood? How to Cook Your Catch - Click here if you want to learn how to cook your hard earned catch with great recipes and good ideas for the galley and kitchen. Get your fishing buddy to do the cooking. This article will tell you all you need to know about CIGUATERA POISONING.


The most common fishing equipment boat problems center on batteries, the battery types, AGM, Gel or flooded cell, whether deep cycle or not, how many batteries to install, and then charging the batteries properly to maximize the run time. Charging issues also center on splitting charging from the outboard engine charging system, and how to do it reliably. My new book will give you common sense and simple and concise information on making the most of your equipment. Ask your fishing buddy whether they can fix the electronics. Click on this link to find out more about.Aluminum Boat Winterization and all you need to know about keeping your systems in good shape.

Boat electronics gear is increasing on small boats with many boaters installing WAAS enabled GPS sets, along with sophisticated finders, and makers such as Lowrance, Humminbird and Eagle improve performance and capability every new model. Again battery power is proving to be an issue along with the interference from trolling motors on finders and GPS. VHF also is increasing with some boaters installing DSC units for use in near offshore areas, and others standard sets from makers such as Standard, Uniden and Raymarine. Many still choose handheld VHF and GPS units however the same operating principles apply.

Lures are another area that I have much interest and have collected several favorites over the years. There are several good suppliers worth considering and details are on the following pages. Also look out for good information on reels, quality always counts, and there is much to know and learn. Fishing equipment and boating marine electrics deserves the best you can afford plus a fishing buddy to help fix things of course.


The trolling motor is the essential bit of fishing equipment for getting where your favorite species are. Trolling motors are getting more sophisticated with radio and even voice control systems, and like larger boats they also have autopilot capability with small fluxgate compasses, essential gear for the bass fisherman. More units are available with inbuilt fishfinder sonar transducers installed within the unit.

The selection process is all about thrust requirements, about bow or transom mounted, which voltage to use, and which optional control systems. The leading manufacturers Motorguide and Minn Kota introduce more complex, high performance units each year.


Walleye, Trout, Salmon, Pike, Musky, Shad, Crappie, Redfish, Bream, Whiting, Freshwater, Saltwater? Small trailer boats suffer some very different problems to their larger cousins the sailing yachts, power and motorboats. While some of the fishing equipment is similar the results are rather different. Many boats sit in the home driveway or back yard on their trailers for many months and take the full brunt of the sun and rain between each use. When they do get taken out, they get covered in salt spray in choppy bays and estuaries. When they return home boats are washed down with the high pressure of garden hoses or pressure washers, penetrating most electrical gear.

Batteries usually sit without proper charging and also fail prematurely. What does all this cause? Misery and frustration. If you invest time and money on chasing the tournament circuits then reliability is even more absolutely essential. Even if you have a serious competition bass boat, you still have to look at and maintain your systems


Wiring problems are still a major problem. The single greatest cause of fishing equipment boat failures are the electrical connections. Save yourself some problems and give all your systems a good checkup. Are they tight? are they clean and dry? are they corroded? are they protected? Bad connections cause volt drop problems and degrade performance. Even the corrosion, bonding and grounding issues so common on bigger boats also arise on regularly used alloy boats. Look at the following pages for valuable information on looking after your boat fishing equipment. If you are thinking of a trip or well deserved vacation look at some exciting options in the pages ahead. Planning on sitting the winter out and watching some sports? Fishing equipment and boating marine electrics need a fishing buddy.

Some reviews on The Fisherman's Electrical Manual

But now there is a text that offers the answer to virtually any general text about marine electronics..... The Fisherman's Electrical Manual is written for owners of trailerable boats, but anyone considering purchasing devices and installing them on any size craft will find this to be an indespensible reference.....I highly recommend this book, and I would stick it in the same box as the new chart plotting GPS that Santa may be leaving under the tree. On The Water Magazine

The Fisherman's Electrical Manual sorts through an astonishing array of electrical and electronic devices.....In a well organised fashion John Payne addresses such subjects as outboard electrics, trolling motors, downriggers, batteries, boat wiring, sonar and fishfinders, GPS, charts, radar and autopilot. The International Game Fish Association. Your Fishing Buddy is here

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