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Oct 05, 2020

Mercury 60 2008

Hi, Looking for advice. Noticed a hole in the top of the left bottom end cover of my outboard which hadn't been machined, looked more like a burn through.

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Oct 05, 2020

mercury pro xs 2007

Replaced engine oil tank, primed system by turning key on and going from neutral to forward 3 times. It did its thing but now has a check engine on the

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Oct 05, 2020

2009 mercury outboard 90hp 4 stroke refi

the boat has been sitting for the past 4 years the motor only has 35 hours on it but has been service atleast twice a year I took it out for the first

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Oct 05, 2020

2016 50 hp 4 stroke Mercury

My issues has only happened a few times out on the water. The motor seems to surge/bog when throttling up. I only run non ethanol rec fuel. I bought the

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Oct 05, 2020

2011 Mercury 4 stroke 9.9hp

Engine starts with no problem. In neutral I can rev the engine wide open. Only did it to make sure it would. I put it in gear and the engine runs smooth.

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Oct 05, 2020

Mercury 60ELPT year: 1996 serial number: 09924843

Problem: RPM higher than 2500 than engine stutters. Max.RPM: 3000 Problem suddenly occured. Caburetors are cleaned. Diagnosis Stoboscope light for cylinder

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Oct 04, 2020

mercury 150hp four stroke 2015

Im in the northeast, just bought a boat with a 2015 mercury 4 stroke 150hp motor when I put the water muffs on it in my driveway it starts, idles a little

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Oct 04, 2020

1982 Mercury 115hp L6 tower of power

I took the boat out yesterday and it went to full throttle and after about 5 minutes it bogged down and wouldn't go to full throttle again as if was bogging.

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha 2000 200ox66 efi

The # 6 cylinder has no spark,motor shakes at idle,fires right up when you turn key ,idle is 1100-1200 rpm on hose with ear muffs,I changed coil and no

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha 115 4 stroke outboard year 2006

Motor runs great when first started, the issue is after a run. When you come back to an idle, it will idle high (1400 rpm) when put in gear, it surges

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Oct 04, 2020

yahama 115fx3 2010

motor is stuck in th up position. replaced the relay still nor working. I hear the tilt motor running all the time. runs down the battery. Did the blue/green

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Oct 04, 2020

2006 115 ltr 2 strok

New starter/accessory battery....i have power to console, lights depthfinder gauges. I have no power to trim and starting....all fuses and fusable links

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha 115hp fuel injection four stroke. 2000

Just bought this engine on a boat. I would like to ask if the engine hours can be determined from the tacho. It has a digitalYamaha tach with rpm and

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha 50hp 2 stroke 2009

Engine died on me one morning while fishing. First time in a year it has given me any problems. I thought it was a fuel issue. Changed water separator,

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Oct 04, 2020

yamaha f225 xca 2019

I removed the batteries for 4 days to charge them up. I went to use to boat and the e shift fly by wire won't select forward or reverse and the orange

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha 90TLRD 2005

Installed rebuilt lower unit. Start-in-gear protection is off Need to jiggle 704 Yamaha remote control towards reverse before engine will start. Is there

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Oct 04, 2020

2004 yahama f150txrd 2004

vibration at low rpm's and idle , i noticed a fuel line missing at hose clamp , and i also smell gas , is this line on the incomming side of the filter

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha 90 two stroke 2001

Starter is intermittently acting like it has a weak battery. Starter will engage and crank slowly in very short spurts. Other times it fires right off

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Oct 04, 2020

yamaha 70etlh 1987

having trouble with shifter installing new lower unit can't seem to be able to get the lower unit and the shifter rod to line up. it's like the spline

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha 200 saltwater series ll 1999

Hi this Tony from Jasper ga. I’m having issues with 200hp 2stroke Saltwater series ll . I’m getting no combustion on #2 cylinder. It’s getting gas,fire

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Oct 04, 2020

2016 20hp four stroke Yamaha F20SEHA - electric start

Very difficult to start and getting worse. Starts but then quickly dies. After starting and cutting out 6-7 times, it eventually keeps its idle but I struggle

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Oct 04, 2020

1986 Yamaha 90ETLJ intermittent missing/cutout 2 stroke

is there a way to bench test the trigger/pulser assembly ? If I can eliminate the unit as a cause of a randomly occurring cutout, I'm thinking the powerpack

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Oct 04, 2020

2017 Yamaha F300XCA

My Yamaha 300 has 280 hours and still under warranty. At about 30 hours, a stalling problem started. When bringing the boat up to speed at a normal range,

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Oct 04, 2020

yamaha 8hp 2stroke 6g100 on block

hi having a problem with my Yamaha 8hp 2 stroke after changing the impela put it all back together, now cant seem to get the gear selector back in the

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Oct 04, 2020

1990 Yamaha 200 outboard

Anybody know if this roller on the throttle is supposed to be round or is this flat spot on this roller supposed to be there? I have twin outboards on

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Oct 04, 2020


Motor will not start, but will run briefly when starting fluid sprayed into air cleaner. It will also run briefly, if carb top is removed, and gasoline

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Oct 04, 2020

2003 Yamaha 115hp 4 stroke outboard

Once the engine heats up, like running it for 15 minutes at 25mph, it starts to sputter and hesitate, and sometimes even stalls at running speed. The tach

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Oct 04, 2020

07 Yanaha F150TLR , 4cycle

Rough idle, when you advance the throttle to get on plane, engine feels as if only running on 2 cylinders then when motor gets above approx 2500 rpm sound

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha 130hp 2-strk year 2000

---Yamaha 130hp 2-strk year 2000--- After cruising at about 20mph for 15 or 20 minutes I slowed for a minute or two, then hit the throttle again. It

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Oct 04, 2020

2005 Yamaha 115 4 stroke

The alarm goes off after about 5 minutes. Turn motor off and immediately start again and alarm will go off again in 2 minutes. Doesn’t seem to be overheating

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Oct 04, 2020

1986 Yamaha pro v 150

Turn the key to start and a lot of times I get nothing. With the cowling off I can hear a click sound. I cleaned the battery cables and that didn’t help.

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha F90 2013

Engine will not make power. Replaced plugs, fuel line, water separator, cleaned injectors and fixed the anti syphon valve. The engine has less than 90

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Oct 04, 2020

2003 Yamaha Vmax 150 HP

I am flushing the hydraulic fluid in the tilt/trim. In attempting to refill the reservoir it does not seem to accept the new fluid. It’s different from

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha f150 2014

Just had major service including cam belt, thermostat all oils and filters plugs and anodes ,4 years old with 100 hrs serviced every year , first time

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Oct 04, 2020

yamaha 30sh 1987

My 1987 30SH Yamaha will not throttle up- seems to be starving for fuel. idles great, but starts to miss as i throttle up. lucky to get 10mph now at

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha F115 Outboard 2004

The engine won't restart after running for 45-60 minutes. More specifically, engine starts out starting and running fine. Go out cruising around for 45-60

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Oct 04, 2020

2001 Yamaha f115

I recently have been having issues with my Yamaha outboard. It will start and run fine and then it will die or it bogs down when trying to throttle up

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha F150 4-stroke 2005 model

I have 200 hrs on this outboard. It was running fine for about 1.5 hours that with a new optima battery. On the water I turned off the engine for a few

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Oct 04, 2020

15SMH 2011

starts well, runs for about 2-3 minutes then loses power drastically and stalls. fuel vent is open, sparkplugs are new, carbourator was just cleaned and

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Oct 04, 2020

15SMH 2011

starts well, runs for about 2-3 minutes then loses power drastically and stalls. fuel vent is open, sparkplugs are new, fuel filter is clean, carbourator

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Oct 04, 2020

1998 yamaha 225 xo66 2 stroke outboard

When I blast off in the morning, the boat gets on plane with no issue. As soon as it planes out it dies. I can pat the peddle and it will pick back up

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Oct 04, 2020

2000 Yamaha 40hp 4 stroke F40TLRY

I have twin Yamaha 40hp 4 stroke Model F40TLRY on my boat. The engines idle fine but on one of the when I get it up to trolling speed (3000 rpm) it is

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Oct 04, 2020

YAMAHA F300XCA 2010/11

Hello, 300 hp with the command link plus multifuntion color gauge model 6Y9837100000. Display has worked properly since I've owned boat/motor nearly 3

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Oct 04, 2020

2020 Yamaha 25 h.p. electric start motor

I have used this motor 3 times since I received it in mid July. On first trip out across a 6 mile lake it tried to die on me 2x. I kept opening vent and

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Oct 04, 2020

yamaha f80 2002

motor started running rough it would only idle. i shut it off and then it would not do anything. crossed starter solenoid and it would start with key

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Oct 04, 2020

97 Yamaha ox66 250 h.p.

The motor runs good except on the top end it gets up to 5500 rpms for brief period then starts to lose power. The TPS sets ok on the low end at.48VDC but

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Oct 04, 2020

Yamaha 225 2004

I have a sold alarm when I started the motor. I did the following trouble shooting. Check to make sure the kill switch as on right. Tried to crank the

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Oct 04, 2020

40hp. electric start 1 year old

I do a lot of shallow work fishing, crabbing and cast netting - the fuel cooler (on the right side of the engine)is constantly becoming blocked, fuel vaporises

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Oct 04, 2020

2006 Yamaha 200 ox66 saltwater series

Took boat out today and drove son around on knee board for an hour. We stopped and coasted for about half hour. After turning back on cruises around

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Oct 04, 2020

2003 Yamaha F225 Outboard Motor

When the motor is running it charges my cranking battery us as usual. But when I turn the motor off the battery voltage draws down from 12.3 volts to about

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