evinrude starfligt 85hp 1972 hydro-electric shift

by jim boyer
(post falls idaho)

motor was runnin great but would have an intermittant .. i know with these wiring conn. are cridical.was checking out for conn when noticed coil was cracked. and when i was checking it out the coil wire came out housing.thought this could have been the issue.

the original amp was replaced with a cdi box 113-7123,which i found out you cant just buy the coil,since the motor was a good runner decided to put down the $300 for new cdi box and coil. sisnce i was doing this decided to check points..found one of the points adjuster was broken making points not stay set.replaced points andgapped at .010 when points were on high part of crank lobe. tried to start and intermittant spark on cly 3 and 4 .no spark 1,3..when through test procedure from cdi and there amp is ok.have a parts motor so i put on different dist. cap and rotor.still same outcome.i would take to mech but no one will work on such an old motor.i know how well she ran and love old evinrudes,but iam at a loss.please help..lost in n. idaho
thx in advance for your time

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