Evinrude J150STLESB

by John Alexander
(Nowata, Oklahoma)

I have a 1990 Johnson GT150. Last winter I decided to replace some worn electronic equipment. I replaced the voltage regulator/rectifier, stator, power pack, and all new coils. All parts are CDI. Now when I go to the lake, it seems to lose fire at some of the coils. Its not the same coils each time. All ground surfaces are cleaned and all have new spark plug wires. I change the affected coils and we are back in business with all 6. Sometimes after running and stopping a few times this problem shows up. Sometimes its 1 coil or it might be 2 or 3, on opposing banks. I'm wondering if one of the new electrical parts is burning my coils up or what's going on. I still have my old stator and power pack that I could change back. Stator looks to have been hot-varnish melt, but the pack was good when I took it off. Any ideas? Thanks!

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