Evinrude Etech 225 2005 Many Problems

by Shane
(Santa Claus, IN)

I recently purchased a used Champion boat with an Evinrude 225 Etech. When I bought he boat the second time I took it out the water temp sensor went off. It did a second time that same day while at high idle. It would not do it at WOT. I took it into the dealer and he replaced the water pump and the water pump housing. The sensor did not go off for 2 months hen it went off again only this time at WOT. I took it back into the dealer and they replaced an exhaust gasket. Took it back out it did the same thing. Took it back to a different dealer and they replaced both thermostats, pressure release valve, new water pump, new water pump housing, new exhaust gasket, found more exhaust gaskets hat were shot replaced those as well. Then they found the root of the problem they think. It was a cracked adapter plate replaced it as well. I took he boat out and it ran great no beepers going off Friday and Saturday. Sunday I took it out and was running close to WOT and bam no sensors it just sounded like a Big Bang and the motor sounded terrible and sounded like metal clanking. I shut it off and just took it to the dealer. My question is do you think the lower unit gave out? The prop in neutral spins free and in drive it doesn't move much like it used to. Is it possible I broke a drive shaft? Or do you think it is something major in the motor?

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