Evinrude ETEC 150 HO throttle response

by Mark
(New Hampshire)

For the first 2 years when I gave the motor 3/4WOT it had a great hole shot. However, a friend was driving the boat and forgot to put it in gear and gave it 3/4 throttle then backed off. Ever since then the motor bogs at hole shot and does not get higher than 3000 rpm occasionally. However, other times when I bring it up to WOT at a slow to moderate pace the motor runs the same as when I first got the boat with no loss in top speed and rpms.

From what I can gather it acts like either fuel starvation or the TPS was damaged some since at the 3 year checkup the computer had some TPS out of range on the motor performance report. I told the tech about the issues I was having and he hooked it up to the computer and checked it out (rev'ed it and ran in a water tank) and said he found nothing wrong. I am baffled with what could be causing the problem. Any ideas?

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