Envinrude 922M 9.5 HP 1972

by James
(Toronto, Canada )

Hello all, new to the forum, and in fact new to boating! I recently purchased a cottage and I was left with a vintage 1972 Evinrude 9.5HP outboard. I have it running, and pretty smoothly at that, however I have run into 1 potential problem. Just a heads up, I am new to all this so go easy on me!!!

The speed control level, I seem to only be able to turn it to the left or "start" towards "fast". To the right of "star" it says "shift" and "slow", however I can't access those. The engine does slow when I turn back towards start. Is that meant to be a closer of "start, ****, slow" and I am not meant to turn further to the right?

I can also easily shift between R, N, D when I am over in the "start" position, so I *think* I know the answer, however I don't want to break anything.

Thank you all in advance for your help, this newbie really appreciates it!


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