Engine won't start when trimmed/tilted

by Ryan
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I have a 1992 Johnson 115 and after 2 day fishing trips and 4 out or a 7 day fishing trip. On the 4th day however the motor started acting up and it would die when accelerating. After bringing in to get looked at the marine mechanic said I needed to rebuild the carb. I wasn't about to spend $75 in parts and $600 in labour since I'm very mechanically inclined and repaired and rebuild many engines big and small. After waiting a ridiculous amount of time for the parts I finally cleaned and rebuild the carb. I tested it out of the water and it worked fine. I took it out fishing the next weekend and had the same problem. Thinking something was set incorrectly I rebuild it again. Tested it and it worked fine again. When I got on the lake again the same problem happened. The funny thing was that when I used a external tank everything worked great. At that point I thought I had bad gas and put in 94 octane gas.

To make a long storey shorter 1 1/2 seasons later and rebuilding the entire fuel system at the motor I still had the problem. I went to another boat repair shop as they had a part I needed (that I had broke while tinkering) in stock and while I was there I was explaining the problem I was having. He suggested I look at the anti-syphon value. I replaced the value and everything worked great in and out of the water.

Now that everything is working the problem I am having now is that the motor won't start when it is tilted. Where as before I could start it no matter what angle it was at, even fully out of the water (forgot a couple times I had it out to check for weeds before starting to fish).

Does anyone have any ideas what the solution to my problem is. It's most likely the float isn't set the same way as before (it is set to the way the instructions say), but what could it have been before? Or could it be another issue altogether?

Thanks in advance.

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