Engine Volvo 4 Cylinder

by Ricky Burress

I recently purchased a 1983 Bayliner with a 4 cyl volvo engine in it....It has been sitting for 20 years...My question is if I have to rebuild motor,If i wanted to go with a V-8 motor which ones will be the easiest to interchange???? Ford,Chevy,or Dodge....

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Jun 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

if the motor doesnt turn over pull spark plugs make sure you mare what wires go where so you dont cross the plug wires and put 3 in 1 oilin in the cylinders leave it set with oil in the cylinders for 2 days when you try to turn it over leave the plugs out that ay you dont have to compression working against you

good luck with it hope everything works out for you

Sep 08, 2009
by: Bentleyboats

It's always a great thought to upgrade. However, this isn't a car engine swap. There's so much more than meets the eye.

First, a car engine will not last in a boat. And I mean not last. Maybe 15 minutes. Take a car engine, stuff it in first at full throttle and see how long it lasts. Think up hill.

If you want a more simple swap, which is an oxymoron, at least stick with Chevrolet. Dodge is way out passe. Ford is gone as well. Your three motor manufacurers, which include outdrives, are Volvo, Mercruiser and Crusader. These all use Chevy base engines. End of discussion. Any use of Ford or Dodge will find some really expensive items, or even worse, no parts. Go with the mass production.

Next, you have to have a boat that can survive the power you seek to employ. And a drive to take the power as well.

Want cheap? Find a boat at an auction that's been damaged and the powerplant works. $200 max bid. Then swap the hardware to yours. But you have to know the ins and outs.

Good luck

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