engine choking like not getty gas on a 1973 omc starfire

by Shari & Kevin
(Moneta, Va)

We drained gas tank and put new gas in. Checked gas lines, put new fuel pump & filter on, had carborater rebuilt, had outdrive repaired, exhaust fixed, checked switches, new battery, checked wiring, and we are at a loss after spending 3,300.00. We called the marina when we put it into the water when it wouldn't start and he wasn't helpful now that he has our money. The key turns on but the engine chokes like it isn't getting so my husband used starter spray and/or gas in carborater and it tried to turn over then would die. I cannot and do not want to spend anymore major money on this cabin cruiser. Can anybody give us some suggestions to get Missadventure running again. Perfect name for this boat. Description of boat. 1973 omc starfire, 22ft. cabin cruiser, Engine is a V-8 I think.

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