Died on the lake

by Larry

Boating over the weekend in my 85 Glastron with a 140 mercruiser 4cyl everything was running fine on saturday then on sunday we went out for a few hours and right at the end of the day cruising through the no wake zone on our way to the ramp I heard a noise that sounded like maybe i was touching bottom so i tilted the trim up a little and a few minutes later the motor just died. It started back but only ran for about 5 seconds and died again. the next time i tried to start it the motor turned over slow like the battery was weak but also the steering wheel pulled to the left while the motor was trying to turn over and it wouldn't start. The water was not shollow I later found out it was 10 feet deep where i was cruising. Any ideas on what happen or what might be the problem would be very helpfull. Thanks

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