Diagram of 1981 Procraft Bass Boat

by Robert Hagen
(Springville, TN)

Well...I just need to find a diagram depicting all the cubbyholes and compartments for a 1981 Procraft Bass Boat I recently purchased and have been rebuilding. However there are so many compartments with many containing either aeriator parts and/or pumps that I've been hesitant about putting her in water yet just to see her sink because either a plug was in the wrong place or what appeared to be a storage compartment was really a live well. My last experience with another boat in same condition left my wife and I flying up and down the water way trying to expell the incoming water out the rear faster than it was coming in through a non responsive pump that was supposed to expell the water. Unfortunately, the hole where the water was supposed to go out...was coming in. There we were...my wife at the helm screaming to me....rock....tree....stump...I have no more room to manuever....while I was hanging over the transome trying to stuff anything I could find into the offending hole. Although we are up in age, we must have looked like a wild couple having a fight with my wife trying to lose me over the side. We managed to beach her, boat not wife, in shallow water then plug the hole, again...same as above. Both of us were too exhausted to finish our fishing so we limped both boat and ouselves back to dock, load and pick up hamburgers on the way home. Yeah...we laugh about it now, but we're not going to even TRY to launch this one until we know all the pumps work and what goes in....is supposed to go in where it supposed to go in...and what goes out does so where it's supposed to when.

Thanks, Robert J. Hagen

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