changing alternator belt

by Paul

Hello, my boat is an 83 Renken. 2.5 L Omc I/O. The trim is preset & is a mechanical jackscrew type. The alternator belt broke & I was told that the engine needed to be pulled in order to change it. I scoffed at that answer but it seems on this model boat with this particular mechanical trim it seems to be true. I loosened the motor mounts on the port side of the boat & was able to get a new belt started but realized that wasn't going to work. I think I need to remove the front mounts on both sides & then lift the Trim assembly up. I could then put the belt in place. I already have a scissor jack under the motor where the alternator attaches. I was thinking a few pieces of wood under other side which would be the pan, & removing the starboard front motor mounts as well. Then removing the front screws holding the trim mechanism & getting the belt under that piece. My concern is the motor moving & messing up the connection with the lower unit. Or moving & not being able to screw everything back together again. I figure the shop will want more than I have to spend so that is out. Does anyone have a better way to accomplish what I want to do. Thanks IN Advance.


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