Challenging Boat Electrical Question

1-We are given a system -Circuit- consisting of two black boxes.

2-One of the two black boxes is on the right side and the other on the left.
3-The two black boxes are to be connected using pair of simple conductors.
4-One black box consists of battery E and resistor R connected in series.
5-The other is simply a short circuit.
6-When the two black boxes are connected to each other using the conductors it's expected to have:
V (across any black box) =0
7-We will be allowed to access the conductors and mount any measuring devices on them before and after the two black boxes are connected.
8-We are not allowed to disturb the system -change I or V- as soon as the two black boxes are connected.
9-The question is: Where is the short circuit -Right or left?

I need to discuss all possible solutions to this problem
*In the ideal and practical case
(Ideal measuring devices and zero ohm conductors)
*In the transient or steady state
*In the microscopic or macroscopic view
(Electrons behavior of propagation)

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Sep 08, 2007
Boat answer
by: Anonymous

Once the black boxes are connected there is no short circuit. The resistor is the load and the "other" box containing the pre-assembly "short circuit" just becomes a length of conductor

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