boston whaler 31 poor gas mileage

by Leo
(little egg harbor, NJ)

I have a 1990 boston whaler 31, that I purchased last September. It's powered by crusader 454's, 350 hp. It seems to be running perfectly except for the mileage. On a recent trip it averaged .5 miles per gallon at 3000 rpms.We barely made it back to port.I have had the props checked out and they are the correct ones for the boat at 18x20. The boat never seems to get on plane so that I can bring the throttles back and run on the front 2 barrels of the carbs,I have to apply power all of the time and it seems as though the boat is plowing thru the water instead of riding over it. I just changed the plugs and they looked about the same on both engines, slightly blackened, clean but still blackened, which tells me it's running a little rich, but not enough to account for a 50% decrease in fuel economy.I have just ordered new distributor caps , rotors and plug wires as they look as though they have never been replaced.I will do the timing after replacing the parts, but somehow I think there may be another problem , is there anything you can point me to to help me solve this trouble. The engines have a little over a 1000 hours on them, the weight of the boat is 13000lbs, but on that day closer to 16000, with 2 adults , ice, full gas (325 gals.)water and gear. Anything you can think of will be greatly appreciated,as it is just not usable eating gas the way it does.

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