Boat will not start. burnt fingers......

by Derek
(Fl Keys, Fl)

hello, i was just trying to take my boat out and it would not start. I had been having the problem a lot sense I had gotten the boat. It wants to crank but not start. I have to keep cranking it for a long time. After it starts it will run for ever and even start back up with no problems. This time it would not start at all and I saw that the battery was smoking. Then I "dumb" put my fingers on the battery top and burnt the crap out of my im typing with one hand. What should I do? I also saw yesterday that some white stuff was leaking out of the Mercury 125. Im lost..... thanks for the help. Also, I had the throdle in nutral and pushed up, and I pumped the fuel ball also. I have a 18.5 2001 Wahoo with a 2002 mercurey 125 (4 stroke). Thanks for any help!

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Nov 07, 2008
boat will not start. burnt fingers...
by: PM Cordero

Hi! Your starter has no problem at all because it keeps on cranking but couldn't start the engine. if you've got a diesel engine or similar be sure that it never had run out of fuel before because it will affect the compression. Be sure also to tightened all electrical wire connections to and through the battery terminals to avoid overheating of wires due to power loss thus giving insufficient power to kick off your engine. Correct size of wire usage is also very important. Should you're using gasoline engines, check your electrical distribution system from ignition coil, distributor, rotor, high tension wires and spark plugs. Current leaking or line fault are common problems.

Hope this opinion will help you.

Have a nice day!

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