Boat Stalling

by Brian
(Huron, Ohio)

I have a 1985 19.5' Four Winns with a 140 Mercruiser engine.

The problem I am having, the boat will try to start when the throttle lever is in the up position, but it won't. It turns over but never fires up and goes into idle.

If I disengage the prop from spinning, taking it out of gear, and start it with the throttle moved forward, I can get it to start.

But when I bring the throttle back close to idle the motor stalls.

I sprayed out the carberautor which really didn't look bad, and I checked the fuel filter. I didn't change the filter yet, but from what I could tell it looked fine.

Any ideas on what to try? Boat was fine and all at once it started to have this issue. I was on the lake last night and when we were ready to leave, you could say I lucked out somehow and was able to get it to start. Now while working in the driveway with the muffs on, anytime I try to start it will not if the gear isn't disengaged and throttled forward.

Thanks for your help.

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