Boat Problem 2001 Hurricane Deck Boat

by Richard

I have a 2001 Hurricane deck boat with a 115 Yamaha 4 stroke. My problem is motor does not turn over, gauges don't work,trim don't work in boat but trim works on motor,radio works, fish finder works, bilge works, aerator works.Checked fuses and all are good. Checked main wire coming from battery and it is hot. Battery is charged. Boat ran fine ,just wouldn't start one day. We were at Bull Shoals lake over Memorial day and boat got water in it up to the battery but was able to bilge water out of boat. Boat ran fine rest of the week, when I got home I tryed to start it about a week later and nothing. I just got it back from a boat mechanic, he had it for 3 weeks and couldn't find the problem. Can anybody help me? Thanks Richard

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