boat having trouble starting.

by JT
(Pittsburgh, PA)

my 1993 21ft Armada Marada is not starting too well. i just bought it, and it started just fine the first day out, but has since been problem matic. Another boater witnesed my troubles, and suggested it was the starter, and to bang on it a couple times; sure enough, that did the trick.

So I believe i need a new starter. The gentlemen who helped me recognize the problem said he had the same problem, and just took off his starter himself, took it into Auto Zone, got a new starter for $10, and replaced it himself.
Is this right? Sounds to good to be true.
When i called the boat repair shop near me, they said it would cost $60/hour plus the cost of a new starter which would be anywhere from $105-$200.

Please advise, I'd love to just do this myself, but I am new at this, and dont want to make things worse (be without the use of my boat for an extended period).


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