Boat Battery Problems

by Alex

My 41 Gulfstar sailboat has a battery setup I think needs changing. House bank is 4 -6v gels series/parallel for 12v output, the starting is 2 12v deep cycles, only one hooked up. Alternator output (150amp) is directed thru battery selector switch. I was thinking of: Truecharge 20+ charger, smart regulator, and wiring the batteries as follows: the 6volts into 2 banks on a selector switch(house), and the 2 12volts on another selector switch(starter). Alternator output thru the house switch, and using 2 Xantrex echo charge units from house to starter banks. Battery charger output ( there are two outputs) directly to each house bank. Does this make sense or is there a better way????

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Aug 28, 2007
Battery Problems
by: John Payne

This applies to most yachts. Breaking up the battery banks is fine however what are you hoping to gain by having two house banks, as you have to charge them anyway, only good idea if splitting the switch panel and electronic and electrical loads. I would keep it simple by having one house bank and one engine bank (although not normal to have deep cycle on starting, when they finally fail put in start battery) but I would steer clear of using switches as they are so unreliable. Smart regulator charging all battery banks via either a diode isolator system or battery bank combiner such as Echo unit is better option. Alternator outputs via switches is common cause of alternator damage or destruction on many cruising yachts.

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