Battery won't stay charged and motor runs rough at higher RPM

by Dustin Taylor
(Post Falls Idaho)

2005 Triton 190 FS with 2005 Mercury Optimax 200 HP- After a few starts the battery no longer has enough cranking amps to turn the motor over I found after determining the following issues: A new battery was installed. I ran the boat a majority of the day, it ran fine. Towards the end of the day I got a beep indication from the driver's console and the motor began to sputter at higher RPM's. Upon return to the dock I turn the boat off and it would no longer start. I charged the battery up and it turned right over and runs fine at idle. As soon as I ramp up the RPM's in neutral it begins to run rough. When I back the RPM back down to idle it runs great. I am leaning towards the alternator because the battery is not receiving a charge and when the demand is increased on the motor it runs roughly and the warning beep occurs. If anyone has input on this I would greatly appreciate it.

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