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This is the best Suzuki Outboard Forum on the internet, it's yours! If you own a Suzuki Outboard.   Are you looking for good advice about your Suzuki outboard engine problems and issues. All you need to know about your outboard engine issues and good advice from your fellow boaters.

From outboard engine and electrical and electronics systems to engine and alarm issues, tilt and trim issues, this is the place to find information.

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So where do you start? There is a lot to know. I get asked regularly about what is the problem, and more importantly and how to fix a problem. I am a boat owner and that’s why I have published a dozen books to tell you all that you need to know about how to take care of your boats and systems.

My name is JOHN C PAYNE, and many of you may already have one of my books on marine electrical and electronics systems (The recently published Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible now in it’s 4th Edition) or perhaps one of the many other books on sailboats and yacht systems.

The Suzuki Outboard Technical Forum for Answers to Questions

I am not an armchair expert, but a qualified and practicing marine electrician and engineer and a marine surveyor. I do this for a living.  Let this website help you with the boat forum! Thousands of people input with answers to problems.

What is your outboard problem? If you know what the problem is then you are halfway towards finding  the right solution. Why not choose from one of my many books to help you fix your problems. Here are some hot topics for the boat-forum:

Battery Charging How to keep the power on and solve battery charging problems

Starting Issues - why wont it start?

Trim Tabs - and issues with same

This is just a fraction of the 3000 plus questions that were posted, and it is hoped that this NEW Suzuki Outboard forum and bulletin board does the same.

The Forum is also a great place to look for spare parts that are hard to find, share your problems and experience with others, ask questions, share stories and more about my books and related topics and a lot more. Create your own web page every time you submit an article and include great low resolution images as well. 

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7. It helps if you start the headline with your Suzuki outboard engine make/model number or boat make/model number. Save the problem description to the text, more detail means better answers.

Do You Have Suzuki Outboard Engine Problems?

Do you have Yamaha engine problems? Share it on the Outboard Forum! Whether you are looking advice on an outboard motor or a difficult marine electrical or electronics technical problem then post your story or message here! UPLOAD AN IMAGE OF YOUR PROBLEM EQUIPMENT! Give us a detailed description, short 5 word posts are not much use and will not be posted. Put your boat info, outboard make and model or basic detail in the post title.

Have a Suzuki outboard problem to share?

Suzuki outboard engine problems and issues? need someone to try and help resolve them? Then use this forum and maybe someone can help.

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Suzuki 1997 DT25 will not run under load  
I purchase a 1997 Suzuki DL25 HP and I have cleaned the carbs and all the jets , it will idle with no problem but not operate under load ,I also would …

DF 250ss Not rated yet
2018 DF 250 SS with rpm problems. I am having a problem with the RPM's running high for low speeds. At 5000 rpms the boat is only doing 15mph. They …

Suzuki DF6LK6 2006 Not rated yet
Recently purchased to power my sailboat. Would like to purchase an owners manual or a copy of one. No longer available from Suzuki. Thank you.

93 Suzuki 30hp short shaft having problems with speed!!!! Not rated yet
I have i30 hp Suzuki mid 90’s on a 15.5foot deep v aluminum boat and I can only get 24 25 mph with one of my buddies with me. If o take two buddies with …

Suzuki 250 ss 2019 Not rated yet
Have a question with digital gauge. Every time turn engine on, digital display asks if we put fuel in. That’s fine first time for day. But can I turn …

suzuki 90 hp, fuel inj, approx 2001 Not rated yet
initial startup for season...turns over good, wont try to do i check for spark

2005 115 hp Suzuki Fuel problem  Not rated yet
I have a 2005 115 hp Suzuki. I prime the pump when cranking it up first time and runs great. After sitting for a few minutes when I crank it back up it …

2005 Suzuki hot soak won’t restart after long run Not rated yet
So I have a 3 mile run on a warm day with my 2005 Suzuki 4-stroke and I stop to fish for 1/2 hour. No bites so time to move only engine won’t start. Primer …

1996 suzuki 65 2 stroke  Not rated yet
The motor runs beautiful at times with no issues but sometimes it will bog down while I'm cruising along... I then bring the throttle back. The motor …

2017 Suzuki 250ss Hard to get on plane Not rated yet
2017 falcon 210 with 2017 suzuki 250ss and it's hard to get on plane and doesn't seem to run out like it should has a 4 blade 14.25×27p Prop when coming …

Suzuki dt60 2stroke  Not rated yet
Hi i have an suzuki dt60 that won't start it just misfires. I have cleaned the tank and put in New gas and sparkplugs. I can See Theres spark on both …

Suzuki dt140 made grinding noise whIle driving and died Not rated yet
So going across the lake today in my bay boat which has a 1989 sukuki dt140 out board and it started making a grinding noise and died tried to restart …

2009 Suzuki 100 HP 4 stroke Not rated yet
Motor was running great and then the last 2 weeks it starts to shut down when running up on plane. Checked for water in separator did not find any. Checked …

Suzuki df115 Fuel problem Not rated yet
I have a Suzuki 4 stroke that has given me fits, after spending approx. $3000 on trying to fix a problem, now I took the boat out and when I increase …

Suzuki DT40 tilt Not rated yet
I have a Suzuki DT40 that the tilt will not stay up on. It would not go up or down when I bought it. I put a new manual valve on it and now it will go …

Suzuki 225 stalled  Not rated yet
we have a Suzuki DF 225 year 2007 with less than 100hrs. we where fishing and we started to run/ idle the engine all the time in the last couple years …

Suzuki DF225 engine loss of power Not rated yet
I have a brand new Suzuki DF225 outboard and it is less than 12 months into service on my boat and done 28 hours total. Its had its first service and has …

Suzuki 2014 DF50 weird intermittent squealing noise Not rated yet
I have a 2014 Suzuki DF50 with around 20hrs on it. Last trip out I noticed an intermittent squealing/sucking noise. It sounds like it's coming from the …

150 horse power suzuki outboard engine Not rated yet
My Suzuki engine has been completely serviced. When going about 4000rpm for about an hour and then docking for let us say 2 hours when I start the boat …

2 x 150hp Suzuki- problem starting one Not rated yet
Hi, can anyone help? My left engine has problems starting (sometimes). The right always starts. When I turn them on I wait for the beeps to stop then …

Stalling when trying to engage gear - Suzuki DT20 2 stroke Not rated yet
Hi. We recently bought an elderly Shetland cruiser, fitted with a Suzuki DT20 outboard (with remote steering, throttle and shift). After a new set …

Suzuki 115 outboard forward and backward very slow Not rated yet
I was out on the river and boat just seem to stop going forward n backward. engine sounds great. the only thing i noticed was propeller retaining pin came …

115 hp Suzuki DT outboard motor Problem Not rated yet
I have a 1991 115 hp Suzuki DT outboard motor . At start up ,it takes 15 to 20 second for the water comes out of the pee hole.Once the water comes out …

Suzuki 35 hp oil injection Not rated yet
Having trouble with this. It starts fine idles fine. when in gear it quits runs great on half or full choke. whats the deal. is it mixing oil wrong or …

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Suzuki 90hp four stroke engine unable to rev pass 3000rpm Not rated yet
I have a brand new Suzuki 90 four stroke (2006, 2L model) engine which does not allow me to rev pass 3000 rpm. When I tried to rev pass 3000rpm, the engine …

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