74 glastron ignition problem

by hampton
(bedford nh)

i just bought a 1974 glastron star flight with a 288 with a 270 out drive the problem that i am having is that it will not turn over.. when i turn the key to acc. all gauges work and so do my bilge pump, blower motor, and out drive goes up and down. as soon as i go to start it i here a click and all the gauges go dead.. heres the funny part in order for me to ger power again i gotta go back and diconnect the battery and hook it back up. ive replaced the starter because it was beyond repair and still nothing.. change out the starter solinoid and nothing.. i do get power to one side of the solinoid (batt. side) but not threw to to starter side.. so if i could get any help that would be great. im new to this whole forum thing and boating thing.. thanks..

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