2016 SeaRay Fault at Shorepower inlet. Fault on promarina 12:40 battery charger "dual big block V8 8.4mag"

by SaltWaterEngineer
(Long Beach)

: Boat: SeaRay 30' (2016) dual V8 8.4 mag (Stern Drive)

: Problems (initial)
Owner said no start to Port motor or Genset.
Note: According to owner no electrical work has been done and the engines have 50 something hours on them, no warranty .

: Observation
:Confirm no start to prt motor or gen✓

:Specs . 50 amp shore power, step down attachment to 30amp
.30a 50' eel to boat.
.Pro Nautic (ProMariner) 12:40p *3bank 40amp battery charger.
.4* (4bank) 800mca Deep Cycle Batteries (Flooded) (parrallel) (2port, 2stb)
*Only two banks of charger utilized one empty positive post* (werid???)
*Genset located STBD SIDE with same problems as Port motor in start up proceedure.

: Problems.
•Fault test trips breaker when pressing the "test" button directly on the shore power inlet .
•Battery Charger reads "Auto Temp control" (blinking red) Fault" and does not start charging (no heat present)
•battery "(1)" negative post has brown liquid toffee/honey coloured discharge (a disturbing amount)
•closer inspection reveals the brown poo like stuff to be present on 90percent of grounding terminal and posts (not as exsecive as bat1)
•ground fault right!? Problems solved right!? .. wrong.

•inspection of battery's reveal no water is present (all bats dated at (1/17) aka one year without water being added
•all bats
terminals needed excessive cleaning (wire brush + battery cleaner + dielectric grease)
Open main DC panel and clean all terminals.
*rehydrate batteries
*Cleaned (yes,, thurough) main ground bus + all carrier wires (green wires to seacock/ engine mounts etc) connection and grounding points.

*Put it all back together and it worked no problem first try.. Said nobody who's ever owned or worked on a boat.
-back into reality-
*once reassembled (yes everythings where it should be)!

*stbd motor no longer has a reading on the helm, no electrical at all (could be due to batteries only being at 7.4v instead of 12v)?? WTF !!??
*all helm electronics (aka everything) is acting abnormally, no deck lights or eng room lighting at all, ac power seems goodish to kinda okish with exception to the fault at SP inlet and the helm fading off

(Battery charger will be replaced by the promarina 12:30 (30a in place of the 40a) in the morning. (Still a 3bank system on 4 banks of batteries??

(Will try same procedures with new step down and SP cord)

•question: will battery charger be the ultimate culprit and the reason for all this Tom foolery? Or will the problems persist and live on to ruin the days of mechanics to come.

Update to follow *
Cheers .

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