2008 Bayliner 195: 4.3L TKS Alpha Intermittent Warning Horn

by Tod
(Uniontown, PA, USA)

For the past several season, my warning horn goes off. Not solid horn, very intermittent, Beeps mostly with no definitive pattern or rhythm , but never solid. I do know the three possibilities : Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature and Drive Lube Level. Now, funny thing is if I run the boat under 3000 RPM, the warning horn does not go off as frequently. Over 3000 RPM is when it is still intermittent but much more frequent. Oil pressure is 60 PSI ( over 40 ), the engine temp is pegged at 175 ( might shade to the left or right off the 175 mark, but mostly at 175. Drive lube level is within normal operation level. I believe it is a faulty sensor, bad / incorrect connection to a sensor. I can find any information on where the sensors are located....

Any other Ideas??
Thanks in advance .....

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