2007 115 four stoke Mercury runs rough until I disconnect tps and other sensor

by Mike Ivy
(San Diego Ca, U,S,)

My 2007 115 four stroke EFI runs rough until I disconnect the Throttle position sensor and the sensor on the intake manifold then it smooths right out and even after revving it just settles right into a smooth idle. Hook them back up and it gets a sporadic miss and dies or almost dies after coming off higher rpm.Just recently started this after running seafoam through a clean external tank with about 1.5 gallons of fuel. Right after it ran great but the very next time I used it it started surging at low RPMs then missing horribly at higher rpms. If I try to continue at higher RPMS it just eventually bogs down until it drops off into limp mode. If I restart and start going it starts off o.k. but will repeat the same actions unless I manage to get full throttle then it halls but with just a random miss. Any similar issues a w solutions would be great. I can do the repair work its just that I have limited diagnostic equipment and no real experience w this particular motor . Plus the fact that it runs good without TPS sensor and the sensor on the intake by head disconnected. I would expect the opposite and cant figure how it runs being an EFI without the TPS and other sensor hooked up.

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