2002 Yamaha two stroke 50 hp outboard won't get up to full speed

by Roger
(Duluth, MN)

I am unable to get the motor to open up to full speed. I changing out the fuel line bulb and cleaned the fuel filter. The motor runs smooth, without missing. The fuel is new. Prior to changing out the bulb and cleaning out the fuel filter the boat would kill outright if I tried to open it up from a lesser throttle speed, then be difficult to restart. This all occurred while I was running the boat across the water full out and it killed like I had run out of fuel.

Could this be related to the wire being disconnected to indicate if you needed to add oil/alarm buzzer? I found this to be disconnected in my search for any troubles, If so does anyone know how to reset this buzzer from alarming when connected?
Any other thoughts? To change out the entire fuel line would require me to pull the center of the boat floor out, then try to get at the fuel tank which is built in to the boat.

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Sep 09, 2010
2002 yamaha 50 ltra
by: Tampa Bay

I have also had a problem with the motor stalling under load. A new choke assembly on the middle carb fixed that. 20 HRS later I am having a problem with the motor dying at full speed as if it ran out of fuel. New fuel filter, water seperator and plugs. Any tips would be appreciated.

Apr 30, 2010
I have a similar issue that I am trying to debug on a 02 Yamaha 50TLRA
by: Anonymous

When this occurred to me, the motor will idle fine, however on adding a load causes the motor to die. So I removed all of the fuel, replaced the fuel water separator, screen filter, replaced fuel pump, rebuilt carbs, synced carbs, blew out all fuel lines, added new fuel and dropped back in the water. Same issue. At idle and on land the motor sounds fantastic. I am stuck thinking maybe the CDI is causing the issue..

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