2 stroke airlock

by Sarah
(WA, Australia)


My partner recently bought a boat with a 2002 Mercury 140 Saltwater 2 stroke.
We have been out twice and both times we have had trouble with what i am told is an air-lock. Basically, when we try to start the motor it won't start and it sounds as though there is no fuel getting through. My partner pumped the hand pump and could feel it in there but it just doesn't seem like it's getting through when we know the fuel tanks are at least 1/2 full! The only way to we got it going again is by keeping on trying to turn the engine over but doing this we run the risk of flattening the battery. Is there anything we can do (or not do) to prevent this from happening again as the first time it happened we had to get towed in by Coastguard! Please help! :)

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