1990 chaparral Bowrider 1900 sl

by Alicia

Just bought a boat and trailor for 850. Heard the boat run previouse owner said it just needed to be finished up on wiring. Well nothing makes sence. Dose my boat have a fuse box /fuse panel/ fuse block (any fuses?? If so where can they be found?

********Also im in desprate need OF directions and lots of pictures how to hook up my gages. Where wires are suposed to be abd ect.********* Please email me at aliboo418@live.com And for subject put bowrider please :) I honestly dont know how i got to this page (becaus ei have followed so many links and ect. lol*****

I think all my switches are bad becasue some are getting power and am i suposd to have 2 batteries for this boat? And is it supoed to be on a double axle traile?

This boat has so many Clipped wires and mising wires i dont know where to start.

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