1988 Regal Ambassador 255xl

by Rob
(Charlotte, NC)

Does anyone know the kill switch is located on this boat? I am new to boating and this is my first boat.


1. There is some type water outlet at bottom of the engine below deck that shoots out water when giving the boat gas throttle thru the water but it does not seem to flood appears to be draining out. Is this suppose to happen or is there suppose to be a hose on it?

2. I just got it out of the shop I was driving it fine, when I saw that the above water was still coming in after taking this to shop I turned around. I let my buddy drive while i examined the water coming in for myself this time. We got near the dock and it cut off, (always seems to cut off when he drives it) the ignition switch stopped getting power to the starter. After reading a little it sounds like he must have hit the kill switch. Does anyone know where it is located on this boat?

I have a OMC 5.7L mercruiser

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