1986 wireing diagram 4.3 larson OMC

by Arnnie Roloson
(Brantford ONT Canada)

bought a boat and was taken to the cleaners, 1986 larson 22ft. 4.3 OMC engine was gone first run so bought a used 1986 4.3, The boat came with a 4.3 fuel injection, at the time I didn't know 1986 did not have fuel injection in this boat, needless to say I bought a carborated 4.3 which the boat was suppose to have in 1986, problem ,they changed most of the wireing to put a fuel injection engine in,I ripped most of it out because there were no plug ins so it was all guess work, the boat ran fine all summer then started to bog out and stall at low speeds and started to get really hard to start. I went and had the 4 barrel carb rebuilt, new plugs wires cap and points,the dam thing wont start, yes went over everything 10 times over, Im starting to wonder if it was always in the wiring to start with. anyway Im looking for someone who has a detailed diagram for this boat so I can start fresh. if I leave the boat the battery goes dead so something is drawing power. Im not a mechanic but Im not to bad at fixing things myself, just need a little HELP. thanks

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