1985 Searay "trailer trim" won't work et all, no trim now

Ok, so I have had intermittent trim issues w my 1985(260 horse) Searay runabout open bow....for the most part it has been operational just annoying ...it would occasionally not adust while out in the water.....I have been prepping to pull it out and winterize last night, trim came up fine and I left it there for morning in case I had problems.... I brought the boat up to the trailer and tried to put it in the trim in the trailer position, nothin, up or down.....it was in the max up position for in the water and I had to leave it there ...and pull it out of the water in this position....with a little drag I got it Parker and winterized but there is no way I can drag it back to town....what do I do ? Can I get the trim up manually some how to get it back to town? I can't leave it where it's at for winter.....what is wrong with it and can I do some tests to isolate the problem?.....help! ......rob

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