1978 Sea Ray 120 hp 4 cyl engine burns oil (blow by)

by Donald George
(Ottawa Lake, MI, USA)

Just got the boat described above. I bought it sight unseen with boat and trailer for a couple hunderd bucks. Hooked it up to water and started the engine. (after draining and cleaning the fuel system and changing the oil). There seems to be an excessive amount of blow by, in other words the engine burns oil. The PCV hose actually accumulates engine oil and it drips out where the PCV hose joins the air filter. Another indication is that it doesn't idle smoothly if you can get it to idle at all without stalling.

I'm thinking rings or valves, but my question is: Short of tearing down the engine and replacing rings or doing a valve job, is there an additive to the oil that can improve this condition?

I really don't want to get out on the water and not be able to start the engine and get back. without seeing it, can you make an educated guess as to whether I have to rebuild the engine or not? I'd like to avoid that if possible.

I realize with this limited information you cannot make a complete assessment, but give it a shot! :)



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