1975 galaxie 175 omc motor and outboard. engine will lock up and turns off but not in reverse

by Christopher
(Modesto CA USA)

I have a 1975 galaxie with a 175 hp omc engine and outboard. The boat hasn't been in the water since 1985. So I replace the water pump kit in the outboard and changed all the fuilds spark plugs etc etc. I took it out today for the first time. The boat was running great for 20-30 minutes. Then the drive felt like it was slipping and then locked motor and die, but reverse still works. The still starts and runs fine in idle.

Got it out of the water and home, I pulled the lower section of the outboard off "the boot" and started it and put into drive and reverse, the engine didnt lock up or shut off.

This outboard has a electric drive and reverse in it,I have been told. Does eveyone have any ideas or know whats wrong with the lower section "the boot"? Or if it could be something else?

P.S. the boat only has 35 hrs on it... everything else worked fine

Thanks for any help I get!!!

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