1975 Evinrude 75 HP Problem! Need Advice!

by Dwight
(Springfield, Missouri)

Hey all, I would appreciate any help on this matter I can get:

I have a 1975 75hp Evinrude 3 cylinder. The motor developed a miss at 2000 to 3000 rpm while under load. I rebuilt the power head and carbs, it has a new CDI power pack, red line rectifier and fuel pump. The engine still has the original 6 amp stator and timer base.

My question is: Does this condition indicate a failure of the stator/ timer base?

I ran the fuel tank out and the misfire went away before totally out of fuel. But, perhaps, the lean fuel mixture ignited easier.

Not sure... If anyone has any experience with this, some advice or trouble shooting tips would be much appreciated!!


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