1974 Starcraft American?

by Cody Watson
(Dardanelle Ar.)

I boight it for 300 bucks. It wouldnt start with the key but you can with alligatir clips. Then i figured it was the starter solonoid. The wires are good they have continuity. Ignition switch is good and starter are good. Its a inline 4cyl. With a mercury 120 out board. I am havimg some trouble finding one. So the question is, can i get a universal one or do i need to get the specific one. 1974 Starcraft. Fiberglass haul.Trihual i belive it is a American. Everything else work on it amd i changed the water pump. Little round finned nut looking thing. Its getting new oil fir the outboard motor im having this old man do it fir me. But oil is Exspensive!

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