1974 searay cant raise engine to move it

I need to know how to raise the boat motor when there is no power to do so, the boat has set for 5 years and I am going to try and get it in boating shape, it ran like new before I parked it in 2005, I had just bought it while on a job in ohio, then pulled it home when the job was complete, and it has set and I did nothing to winterize it or store it and now I am thinking of trying to use it and I am really not a boat guy in terms of getting it ready for the water, so it would be safe for my family to use this summer, I am going to take it to a boat shop, but I can not get the engine to raise up for hauling it yet. it is a 1974 searay with a 135 mercury motor, all help will be thankfull thanks Robert

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