13' Boston Whaler and Galvanized Trailer Pricing

by Jay
(San Diego)

13' Boston Whaler

13' Boston Whaler

13' Boston Whaler
13' Boston Whaler

Hello, I new to purchasing boats and am looking for an older whaler to do a full restore on. I've found a few good options but this one, in particular, has caught my eye - the only issue is the price the seller wants. So I was hoping to get some feedback on who is right (him or me) and what the going rate(s) should be.

I've done some research but just thought some expert knowledge 1st hand could go a long way as well. Here's the set up:

Yamaha 30 hp
Galvinized trailer
Ran a couple of years ago .

He wants $3,000.

I asked him if the motor works, the hull leaks, and some other minor questions. His response was: "It’s sat for a while .
Doesn’t effect the asking price .
Whalers hold a great value even not running .
$3k is what we are going to get ."

Am I missing something here or is he asking a bit much without confirming my concerns?

Thank you in advance!

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